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Why go solar?

You may be asking yourself "why should I go Solar?" The two most common reasons would be first, to help save the environment by eliminating or greatly reducing my carbon footprint. The second reason would be energy independence, and not have to worry about being affected during a power outage due to a hurricane, for example. I would argue there is a third reason which should resonate with all of us. Because it’s a smart long-term financial decision.


Ask yourself this, if it makes sense for retail tech giant Amazon to go solar, (which is as we know one of the most profitable companies on the planet,) then why not for me? With oil prices constantly fluctuating and with customers being at the mercy of whatever the electric company decides to charge you, wouldn’t you want to take control of your future energy costs by implementing a flat fixed-fee for your monthly energy needs? Additionally, wouldn’t it make sense to increase the value of your home by as much as 10% by going Solar? Wouldn’t it make more sense that every time you make a payment, you are increasing your equity?


With Apollo Sunergy we go even further. We make sure that your homes biggest energy consumers are upgraded to the most efficient products on the market before converting your home to solar.  These upgrades would also be included in your 26% Federal Tax credit. By upgrading these items, you are able to maximize your money savings while having a Solar energy solution that is optimized for peak performance and return on investment.


So, ask yourself this...would you switch to Solar if it didn’t cost more per month than your current electric bill?


If you are interested in going solar, please click on the button below to request a quote, and one of our experts will work with you to provide you the most cost-efficient and reliable system, custom-designed to fit your needs.





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